Tuesday, January 09, 2007

opinion piece from Jake Pickering



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-- January 2, 2007 --

In her December 31, 2006 Times-Standard “My Word” column titled “Being All You Can Be, We Need The Best In Our Military”, Kris Morrisey wrote the following: “I am ashamed of the behavior of those who would lessen their commitment and sacrifice…. I am frustrated by the continuing denigration of our armed forces. Disagree with our president; debate about foreign policy; don’t put a yellow ‘Support Our Troops’ ribbon on your car; but stop besmirching the reputation of our military men and women….”

If anyone should be ashamed of themselves (other than the shortsighted political “leaders” who supported this inane, greed-based fiasco), it is Kris Morrisey! How typically dishonest and deceitful for a partisan Republican like Morrisey to label the opponents of Bush & Cheney’s unnecessary quagmire in Iraq as opponents of the U.S. military. Morrisey’s anemic assertions simply could not be further from the truth.

Did you miss the news about numerous, recently-retired American generals speaking out against the current counterproductive policy and those incompetent neo-cons (like Donald Rumsfeld) for leading the United States down this demented, disastrous foreign policy path in the Middle East?

An overwhelming majority of Americans now demand that our military men and women be withdrawn ASAP from Bush & Cheney’s illegal war for oil and imperial expansion. Why? Because we actually do support our troops, unlike those Republican war criminals in The White House who have willfully murdered thousands of patriotic Americans (along with hundreds-of-thousands of Iraqi civilians) in an effort to make themselves and their business partners-in-crime even more filthy rich than they already are.

And, oh….by the way, where is that most infamous Bush family business partner of all = Osama bin Laden? Did you “smoke him out” yet, Mr. Bush, Junior? Or, have you not personally profited enough from your debacle to date?

Hey, who needs universal health insurance or a cleaner environment? So long as lying, cowardly racist oil men from Texas get what they want!

Poor Kris Morrisey has apparently been “functioning” with her head-in-the-sand these past few years (or solely relying on FOX “News” and the Republican Arkley-owned Eureka Reporter for her disinformation).

Did you miss the news from our intelligence agencies (all of them) contradicting Bush & Cheney’s propaganda campaign falsely portraying Iraq as an imminent threat to U.S. national security? Where are those nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, Mr. “President”?

Did you miss the news from our intelligence community that neither Saddam Hussein nor his regime had any role in the 9/11 attacks, whatsoever?

Did you also miss out on reading the Project For The American Century’s Hitlerian manifesto titled “Rebuilding America ’s Defenses” from September 2000? The entire Bush/Cheney imperial agenda is laid bare in print for all to see in this single document, which you can download online (for free) at www.raytal.com.

Being a faithful fan of Bush & Cheney’s immoral, bloodthirsty misadventure, Kris Morrisey also made this statement (shockingly, without any apparent sign of irony): “We live in a country where too many people believe that serving in the military is for someone else to do. It’s someone else’s duty. Not my child. I highly recommend ‘AWOL: The Unexcused Absence of America ’s Upper Classes from Military Service – and How It Hurts Our Country.”

Did the irony-deficient Morrisey miss the news about George Bush, Junior being Absent Without Leave (AWOL) from the Alabama National Guard for a period of 18 months during war time in 1972-73?

Did you also miss the news about Dick “Chickenhawk” Cheney asking for - and receiving - a total of FIVE deferments from military service during the Vietnam War, another wholly unjustified slaughter which both Bush & Cheney claim to have “supported?”

Maybe one day these naïve, hypocritical Republican warmongers will finally learn to take this wisdom to heart: People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Especially if your last name is Bush.

End this unforgiveable, murderous occupation, Mr. Bush! Bring our friends and family home from this bloodbath – NOW! We are done asking nicely, and we will force your hand, if necessary. Either leave Iraq , or leave office – your choice. Your time is up.


Anonymous said...

At least someone in Humboldt is kicking Bush's stupid ass in print. Too many Democrats are too spineless for them to do anything worthwhile. Pickering may be an exception to that rule.

Anon.R.mous said...

More like LICKING Bush's ass in print. Jake sucks.

Just like this worthless fucking blog.

the PLAZOID said...

interesting analysis, anon.r.mous.

unfortunately, since you don't really say anything, there is nothing in your comment to respond to.

oh yeah, you said that this blog "sucks."

well, i guess your blog is so much more interesting and important and relevant...if your world revolves around N. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

That anon.r.mous fool - like most Republicans - doesn't have a clue. Pickering's words are right on the mark! And I think this blog is pretty cool too. Impeach Bush.