Monday, March 26, 2007

"as long as you're annoyed" ...another one from tad

Peace be with you.


Non-violent civil disobedience, resistance, direct action, and community are the tools with which peoples will make Babylon, “the mighty whore,” fall. Our local leaders are nothing more than quislings for the new Reich. Our criminal justice system is nothing more than a slaughter house factory that kills human spirit and dignity for the corporate churches of the false profits. The legislation is written for rich white busy-ness owners. Our laws are designed to oppress women, gays, peoples of color, homeless, unemployed, non-christian or zionist right, working poor, and yes despite your denial, the so-called middle class too. Our solders, the military and cops, are used to maintain “an order” which is designed to protect the financial interests of multi-national corporations and their “new world order.” Inflation is an artificial manipulation designed to keep you working harder and harder while producing more and receiving less. Debt was invented to keep you desperately employed to pay for shinny shit over and over again. And rules are used to confuse you as to what you have to do compared to what they want you to do.

Anarchy and Pacifism is NOT riotous or cowardly! A person standing in the street in a Jesus pose while full body armored riot cops crush their skull is neither rioting nor running. Anarchy is the opposite of government. Capitalism, socialism, and communism all have a “leader” and a steep hierarchy – masters on top slaves on the bottom. Anarchy is more like that picnic at the beach. Nobody is in charge, the work, resources and their resulting rewards are shared equality. Peace is maintained because it is in everyones best interest to be peaceful. Governments are cruel, violent, and oppressive in order to maintain control. Anarchy is compassionate, caring and liberating in order to eliminate the need to control. Anyone who makes it to the age of 18 has proved, to me at least, that they are smart enough to live. If they're smart enough to live then they must know that living in peace is a hell of a lot better than living in war.

The law is handed down to the people from a white, male, heterosexual, corporate financed, christian oligarchy. The law is enforced upon the people by a military controlled by the same oligarchy. The guilt of the people is determined by the same oligarchy. The prisons and forms of punishment are run by this very same oligarchy. Our wages come from this oligarchy and our rent payments return to this oligarchy. We've made this oligarchy rich and powerful.

Now this oligarchy has abandoned us. They have turned their military against us. They have rescinded the rights they originally motivated us to support them with. They have tried to leave us with only two alternatives – be their slave or be fodder for their dogs of torture.

I for one will insist on those rights I have. What if everyone insisted on all their rights all the time? What if employees refused to pee in cups and took every Sunday off? What if every person charged with a crime insisted upon the required formal reading of their charges, a speedy trial by a jury of their peers, the right to a defense, and all the discovery which might shed light on their case? What if entire neighborhoods refused to let the police into them? What if we stopped paying the banks that pay the military? What if we stopped supporting the corporations by refusing to purchase their crap? What if everyone said “no, I don't have to?” What if we support the sister or brother who makes our bread? What if we fed everyone? What if I only traded my tomato for and an apple and not a dollar? What if we all did what is right simply because it is right? We would be Anarchy, we would be Peace, we would be Love and we would be Free. Jesus was not a coward, nor violent, nor Christian, he was fucking revolutionary! Tear it down with your palms facing forward, and expect resistance.

Love eternal


from tad

Peace be with you.
A funny thing happened to me on the way to an anarchy the other day. I had sent away to this “anarchy” group for a pamphlet that I believed did an excellent job of explaining to someone who had never experienced anarchy what it is. This group offered two bundles of free pamphlets to those who couldn’t pay. As you know I get my food, clothing and shelter out of garbage cans so I felt I qualified for the program.
I filled out as much of the “form” as I am able to do – no phone, no street address, no last name; you know the shit that always gives us away as houseless peoples. I hit send on the e-mail, told the owner of the P.O. box to keep on the lookout, and started making a mental list of people who, if given the pamphlet, would create maximum distribution. I really never thought that my brothers and sisters would ever consider rejecting my request because I didn’t fit the correct class.
Imagine my chagrin when I check my e-mail and see a title from the anarchists that says; “order (some Babylon number) has been cancelled.” The e-mail basically claimed that they had some type of “class filter” in place and well I’m just not good enough to be an anarchist. So I sent them back my typical “fuck you fascist” reply and asked that they leave me alone.
I told that story because often I am invited to see a brother’s or sister’s show, or event, or talk, or class, or whatever and I arrive and am turned away because the person at the door thinks I’m “homeless.” (No I got a fucking home; it’s shelter I lack!) It isn’t “more common than not;” it’s every time! The only time it doesn’t happen is with people who recognize me.
Having studied the theories of governments for myself, having learned histories from multi-divergent-points of view, having lived and failed in a capitalistic society, while watching the communistic society crash to the ground, having been raised on the stolen land of numerous anarchical peoples, having recognized the original peoples rich truths, naturally I would question why people so like to prejudge me. Though I would never give a shit, I would wonder for the knowledge of it.
So here’s my thought on it. Everyone wants a spot on the pecking order. Those anarchists probably thought “Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber.” They probably think I got a bottle of mad dog in one hand and a bible in the other. No my friends, I can’t keep my fist raised in solidarity with mad dog in my hand. Let us face it, it’s easy to judge those less than yourself as such.
Does this mean anarchy won’t work? No; it just means these people aren’t anarchists. Power to the people!
love eternal

Friday, March 16, 2007

tad: prophets and "false profits"

Peace be with you.

The simplest comparison between our Prophets and the false profits of the christian right shows a huge abyss between the two. The new fascist christdom idolizes the corporate state as the child of god, while Jesus placed the individual as God’s child. It is easy to see a tree and know that God’s perfect and then look at a strip mine and know the fascists are fucked up!

The basis behind the cruel nature of the fascist policies is supremacy. The fascist believe that the gender and race that destroyed the world is evolutionarily superior while those peoples which lived in harmony with the earth are inferior and only continue to evolve due to the science of the fascists. The engineers call this theory intelligent. The Hopi call it Koyaanisqatsi, which means “Life out of balance.” Extracting all the Earth's resources so a few rich bankers can live with the freedom and security that they deny the rest of the world is way the fuck out of balance. It is so easy to see the eventual death of mankind, and maybe the Earth herself, that Prophets have foretold of its coming for millenniums.

The use of guns, starvation, and disease to “motivate” peoples to give up low impact lives and punch time clocks to pay rent to the self proclaimed Lords of the land is only oppressive and in no way correct. Those who wear the dark blue uniforms and maintain the status quo are the same ones who slaughtered every indigenous Peoples on the Earth. They have taken the Holy Mother Earth out of their religions and trampled on every spiritual belief in Her. They have used the same “science” they use to destroy with to distort and convolute the very teachings they proclaim as a gift from God.

Jesus’ last words in the Christian bible are “feed my lambs.” Today we close soup kitchens because we can’t afford highly paid “case managers,” and claim that scraps of bread only encourage people to choose poverty. We call those who don’t choose Koyaanisqatsi abnormal and those with the most money normal. Once we label them as abnormal then we use the most inhuman methods to Christianize them, or Capitalize them, or Democratize them, or Americanize them.

The social scientists would have us believe that as soon as all Peoples in the world are paying rent to the global landlords, paying taxes to hire the armies that oppress them, and are making the false profits for the these landlords, then the world will be a place of peace and harmony. Yeah, and as soon as frogs learn how to fly they’ll stop bumping their ass!

Jesus was a higher evolved human, not George Bush. Muammad was a higher evolved human, not John Rockefeller. Lao Tzu , was a higher evolved human, not Pat Robertson. Siddhartha Gautama was a higher evolved human, not Tony Blair. Millions of Indigenous Peoples are higher evolved humans, not the pillaging Imperialists.

Love eternal