Tuesday, January 29, 2008

become imperishable

Peace be with you, I give my peace unto you.

Thought I'd throw it out there.

“Everything that came from the perishable will perish, since it came from the perishable. But whatever came from imperishableness does not perish but becomes imperishable.”

love eternal

Thursday, January 24, 2008

City of Arcata starve homeless for Stillman's view

Peace be with you

view out Stillman's 9th and H property

The Arcata [Sh]ity council has canceled the lease on the $460,000 Arcata Endeavor Services Center and the Eureka Times Standard speaks of “possible impact.” It makes one ask why these “hippy-dippy” progressives attack the poor so ruthlessly? The answer is simply that the Arcata City Council is a bunch of fascist neo-liberals. When I served as a member of the Arcata Emergency Shelter and Homeless Services Plan Task Force (AESHSPTF), emergency shelter and homeless services were ignored, and kicking the homeless out of Arcata became the sole focus due to intense business pressure. Alex “Leona Helmsly” Stillman, the biggest landlord on the Arcata plaza, and now Vice mayor led the fight, to shit on the down and out.

A quick background: The Arcata Endeavor was started in 1983, and was hosted by the Arcata Presbyterian Church. In 1997 the Endeavor obtained non-profit status, and worked with the City of Arcata to get two $35,000 “study,” and one $490,000 “construction” State Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). The “Arcata Service Center,” the Endeavor, was built in 1999 to “empower people as they work to remove barriers to success in their lives.” These “locally utilized taxes," CDBGs, came with so many “requirements” that they hardly could be “implementing our own solution to a local problem.” And the worst requirement was that the beloved City of Arcata was to hold the lease on the property obtained for the poor.

The “idea” of removing the poor from the poor’s building first became public during the AESHSPTF meetings. Downtown merchants, landlords, and “Members of Arcata Downtown Main Street Program,” started complaining that the entirety of the problems that happen in “their downtown” happens because some take pity on the hungered. This “lobbying group” had COMPLEAT control of the AESHSPTF’s $37,500 consultants. Alex Stillman and her mainstreet boys managed to get push polls, media distortion, censorship, and the “idea” introduced that the CDBG homeless building should not have it’s one dollar a year lease renewed.

In order for Alex Stillman to get money through CDBGs to repair, improve and refaced her own buildings the City of Arcata had to throw a bone (the Endeavor) to the poor people they would be gentrifying. Now Stillman’s numerous plaza buildings have new foundations, roofs, and facades, so the illusion that she gives a shit about anybody but herself goes and the poor suffer.

Alex Stillman’s long public campaign to rid the downtown business interests of “transients” is well known. Stillman advocates that homeless attracted to the Endeavor cost her and her mainstreet boys money (i.e. INTEREST), and that the Endeavor must go (i.e. CONFLICT). Stillman, a city council member with clear conflict of interest, both created a quorum and voted on April 4, 2007 to throw the poor out. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye devour widow’s houses, and for a pretense make long prayer.”

love eternal

Friday, January 18, 2008

Eureka Police Department claims Tasers are Safe. Bullshit!

Peace be with you

"A deer dance, invitation to peace
war staring you in the face, dressed in black
with a helmet, fierce
trained and appropriate for the malcontents
for the disproportioned malcontents.
The little boy smiled, it'll all be well
The little boy smiled, it'll all be well
Pushing little children
with their fully automatics
they like to push the weak around"

System of a Down

You know how the Eureka Reporter puts a picture under the main headline that has nothing to do with the main headline, but leads one to suspect things that aren't really there? Todays headline was: "$1 SETTLEMENTS OFFERED" over a picture about EPD's new taser lust. This reminded me of the pepper spray victory and the following YouTube videos.

EPD Chief "POP-'em" Nielsen claims “You would use the Taser before the baton.” Isn't a baton a pain compliance weapon? Cops don't use batons for self defense they use them to move and corral people. Both Criminally Negligent Homicide suspect, and taser guru, Tony Zanotti and Chief "POP-'em" assure us tasers have no known medical problems. Zanotti even compares his henchmen's taser use with medical doctors use of a defibrillator like there's some equality in professionalism between a cop trying to kill someone and a doctor trying to save someone. The Reporter didn't need to look far to find an injury though, Robert Owens, a Vietnam vet who got tasered in Crescent City for "just standing there," claims "[his] heart was fine before [the tazering] happened.” Too bad POP-'em and his posse couldn't debate taser safety with the over 150 people killed by tasers.

The UN calls tasers torture, and I agree. I remember when the Arcata Police tasered a drunk to make him get up! Then there's the person who got tasered on the plaza which resulted in a "we didn't do anything wrong but we changed our policy" declaration from Randy Mendosa of the ADP. And of course we mustn't forget David Cleveland who, after being tasered by sheriffs at the Garberville station, died at Humboldt County jail.

Should we trust Eureka's cowboy cops with pain compliance weapons they falsely believe "ain't gonna hurt ya?" Fuck no! Judging from the way they beat Martin Cotton to death with their fists and batons makes me sure that we are in for a lot of recreational zapping. Giving cattle prods to the SS is a tried and true method to bring more deaths by EPD on the horizon.

love eternal

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Humboldt County Board of Supes squanders $82,000 in homeless funds

Peace be with you.

“There must come a day
When a box is not somebody's home
The unfinished work of our heroes
Must truly be our own
We can't let the future become our past
If we are to change the world
Won't you tell me
Tell me please
How many miles must we march”

Ben Harper

The Humboldt County “tax and misappropriate” Board of Supes today graciously gave the homeless $82,000 dollars of your tax money. Well not really the homeless. Actually it is for more office equipment. In related news The Arcata Endeavor Homeless “Services” Center was purchased with $560,000 dollars of funds for the Homeless (even had a ribbon cutting ceremony), and Stillman and her quislings on the Arcata City Council are throwing the poor out of their last real service in Arcata. Why are these “homeless funds” going into temporal buildings, office furniture, and salaries instead of food and shelter?

Back in 1995 the Republicans took control of the Congress and Senate. Part of their "contract on America" was “ending welfare.” That was not a party platform; it was Friedman Economics that gave a cut off date for all welfare recipients. This tough love of the bankers was to take the money used to feed and shelter poor people and instead use it to motivate people to retrain and enter the work-force - To compete for jobes that weren’t there to begin with.

As welfare recipients went through newly required “job skill classes” an entire field of employment became created. Soon private companies began or expanded “training schools” for all kinds of employable skills. Coordinating the welfare-to-work required “caseworkers,” and caseworker's needed office furniture, buildings, cars, computers, etc. A new jobe market was created around using the poor as a corporate commodity. “Poverty pimp” be came a term.

Soon high wage jobes were being “outsourced” by another Friedman school of thought, NAFTA. As ex-high wage workers had to have two or three jobes in order to try to hang on to their mortgages, the government offered to pay wages to any employer who would hire a welfare recipient. The problem was that as one person got a jobe another lost one.

Welfare to work policies without substantial jobe growth made homelessness numbers began to rise, and studies were commissioned. The Urban Institute (think-tankers of spatial decentralization) studied homelessness in two cities through government homeless services. Though I have not read anything that convinces they learned shit about homelessness, in keeping in the Friedman spirit they claimed 50% of the services were used by 10% of the homeless. They made the claim that these 10%, whom they called the “chronic homeless,” were physically incapable of holding a jobe by virtue of a disability.

As Bush jr. spoke at the 2000 Republican convention he said “in the next bold step of welfare reform, we will support the heroic work of homeless shelters . . . food pantries." He then got appointed president by the Supreme Court and started the “chronic homeless initiative.” The chronic homeless initiative took 90% of the already bare-bones homeless funds, and spent them exclusively to end “chronic homelessness.” Case-manager jobes got created and homeless food, shelter and hygiene facilities started disappearing. Again the case-workers need of better office furniture got fulfilled and the basic sustenance needed by the homeless went unmet.

Homeless funds start as your federal tax payments. Then the feds (not to be confused with your federal government the “feds” are the private bank known as the Federal Reserve) give the homeless funds to the state IF, and ONLY IF, they implement the “chronic homeless initiative,” and all its policies. The State in turn add a required amount of state tax payments, siphon off a larger amount for “maintaining” the program, and allocate what’s left to the Counties according to how well they implement the “chronic homeless initiative” along with additional State policies. These payments are called “grants.” And “Grant Whore” too became a term.

The homeless being just numbers on a chart to Washington the case managers in the beginning were able to open “case files” on millions of homeless who didn’t fit the definition of “chronic homeless.” They then utilized these fabricated cases, along with their newly self-proclaimed “authority” to justify their ever growing voracious money lust. Grants fund studies, salaries, studies of the studies, salaries, plans, salaries, task forces, salaries, offices, salaries, consultants, salaries, and of course an $82,000 “Homeless Management Information System.” Shelter is full or unavailable everywhere in the county, and the scant food is mostly donated, prepared by the homeless and other volunteers. The only two places case managers have that they can send homeless is to the welfare office or the mental health department, and the homeless could probably find those on their own.

This is an incomplete telling of the tale, because others like police, private security companies, and mental health also profit on the backs of the homeless and poor in general. Don’t believe that welfare reform saved you any money; it just change the occasional welfare queen into the common corporate welfare of poverty pimps and grant whores, and more people on the streets then ever before . In fact, if you disregard the fact that case managers and their needs cost us way more then welfare ever did, you still see an increase by the growing number of cop-hours devoted to driving homeless into the waiting nets of the case managers.

love eternal

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Will Humboldt County mass drug everyone?

Peace be with you.

Fluoxetine hydrochloride, also known as Prozac, contains mostly fluoride! Would you advocate drugging the entire population with Paxil or Prozac? Yet, “both drugs contain fluorine and chloride . . . [as] part of the 'active' ingredient.” Why are we not drinking safe fluoride free water? As medicines go, fluoride is forced medication in the biggest way. Even Scientologists can’t escape bathing in fluoride.

Humboldt County wants to fluoridate at the source. This is mass drugging at an enormous scale. Currently the towns of McKinleyville and Manila are free from this forced medication, but soon the neo-water will be doped. In Eureka and Arcata you must figure out how to get this poison out of your own water.

Some, like Ann Lindsay, really believe in this societal manipulation. Fluoridating everyone is extremely controversial to say the least and that in and of itself should prevent that kind of government intrusion. You can’t force me to take a medication against my will, and if avoidance of water is the only path you leave for me to pursue, IT IS FORCE!

If you’re worried about your kid’s teeth then reduce the sugar and phosphoric acid laced soda pops. If that is too much parenting for you don’t worry NAMI and NIMH want kids as young as 5 years old to be on SSRIs - so their fluoride is coming.

love eternal

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Humboldt Mental Health to Start a Round-up

Peace be with you

“ I have had the vans of Einsatzgruppe
(Mobile Death Units) D disguised as
house trailers”

Dr. Becke SS Untersturmfuehrer 16.May.1942

Today Humboldt County went from Ken Kesey’s magic bus to Phillip Crandall’s Black Magic Bus. The devil got wheels in the form of the Phillip Crandall Mobile Drugging Unit. He’s hunting down Children, Elderly, Vets, People of Color, Homeless, anyone deemed a “problem,” and Dissenters. Phillip Crandall falsely claims 80% of the homeless are wing-nuts and 30,000 of YOU Humboldt residents are fucking nuts too. And YOU all need the PILL!

The Humboldt County Mental Health Department put on the Board of Supervisor’s Agenda the following:

“Transfer Funds to Fixed Asset Account and Approve the Budget Appropriation Transfer for Mental Health Branch Budget Unit 1179-477, Mental Health Services Act”

“What the fuck is that!” you might ask? Unit 1179-477 just happens to be a “$205,007.84 . . . recreational vehicle . . . for the provision of mental health services.” The agenda item was concealment.

You had better wake up! 30,000 of you mean one out of every fourth person is to be doped! Look around and ask yourself "are one out of four of the people you see during the day crazy enough to take drugs that were only meant to be used in the most severe cases?" Look around and ask yourself “do they really need drugs that make them become a “danger” if they fail to take them, for what ever reason?" Ask yourself “do they deserve a life sentence of diabetes, heart disease, impotency, psychosis, and suicidility?” And, ask yourself “who’s next?”

love eternal

Monday, January 07, 2008

Humboldt County Pushes Suicide Through Drugs

Peace be with you.

As our fame goes from Humboldt skunk weed to Humboldt nut pills some confirming facts have recently been presented. It seems as our available “mental health” funds increase, so do our suicides. And the top cheerleader for “dope your loved ones,” Lea Nagy, has insulted our intelligence once again with a “my word” times standard propaganda piece.

Lea Nagy is an employee of Humboldt county mental health, and a “board member” of the Pharmaceutical Corporation sponsored front-group Nami . Nagy believes in forcing dangerous pharmaceuticals on people because it is how she makes her living. She would advocate blood letting if psychiatrists still were allowed to perform that particular form of torture.

Robert Jay Likton makes clear in his book The Nazi Doctors that is was Nazi Psychiatrists who implemented and carried out all the Holocaust deaths from the first handicapped child to the Jews they ordered shot as the Nazi psychiatrists fled the allies. It wasn’t the Nazis per se who killed 12 million innocent people, it was their Psychiatrists. Likewise it isn’t the Namis who are responsible for all the deaths and destroyed lives caused by modern Psychiatrists. The difference between the Nazis and the Namis is the former utilized gas and the later pills.

The goal of the Nazi murderers was to eliminate, enslave, or prevent reproduction of the poor which they referred to as “undesirables.” Anti-psychotics shorten lives, creates willingness to work for free, and they cause sexual dysfunction. It may be a bit slower, besides the occasional suicide at the back door of Humboldt’s mental health department, oh yea and a few dozen school shootings, and people killing their entire family, also people waving flare guns around, and . . . well you get the point, but there is not as many bodies to get rid of as say a Todeslager (extermination camp). Plus there is the US Government’s favorite euphemism of “plausible deniability,” “we didn’t kill ‘em it was their choice.” One only needs to read Nagy’s nagging to realize how Nazi like coerciveness is use to force “voluntary treatment.”

In the late 1800’s Jean-Martin Charcot invented “hysteria.” This was the first so-called “mental illness.” Today the Psychiatrists have 360 unique “mental illnesses” which unlike real illness, have no physical proof (no blood test, biopsy, post-mortem, brain scan, or other real scientific proof of an illness). They invent and retire these “illnesses” at will. Hysteria, Drapetomania, and Homosexuality are three examples of where psychiatrists ruined people’s lives and health only to recant later. Video game addiction is one of the new classifications that were “voted” on by the AMA. Imagine voting on if small pox is a disease or not. What the fuck kind of science is that? It’s the same kind of science they use to put you on nut pills that give you diabetes, that require another pill that gives you heart disease, that require another pill that renders you impotent, but don’t worry they have a pill for that too.

The drug companies have pushed a “brain chemistry” theory to justify brain chemistry changing drugs as “cures” for “mental illness.” It’s been thirty years since they can up with this theory and they have yet to prove any relationship between brain chemistry and the onset of any "mental illness.” Their theory holds that because sometimes brain chemistry changing drugs cause a slight improvement in a few symptoms of certain ambiguous “mental illness” diagnoses mental illness must be a lack of brain chemicals. This theory doesn’t explain why anti-psychotics which change the “brain chemistry” in a couple of hours take weeks before they change behavior.

Humboldt County’s Medication Algorithm Program (MAP) guarantees that individuals who depend on public assistance for mental health insurance will be doped. Atypical-anti-psychotics (the pills that cause diabetes) are the first level of treatment in the MAP. The Map program is claimed to use what is called “Evidence Based Best Practices.” “Evidence Based Best Practices” is newspeak, formed by opinions, not data and “most of the guideline’s authors have received support from the pharmaceutical industry.” Again we have pharmaceutical corporations buying “votes” on how what was voted an illness should be treated.

The sad fact of this “marketing campaign” by Nagy and her cohorts at Nami and the Mental Health department is that people who need help don’t get it. Instead they get a life sentence of some of the world’s most deadly dope. Dope which increases suicidality no less.

On October 24, 1933 the Nazis passed a law against "Habitual and Dangerous Criminals" that justified placing the homeless, beggars, unemployed, and alcoholics in concentration camps. Today we have the “New Freedom Initiative” which justifies placing the same groups, along with children on killer nut pills. It may be an improvement in effectiveness, but it is the same death as the camps brought.

love eternal