Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mental Health Services Act FRAUD EXPOSED!!

City of Arcata Council Persons:
Michael Machi,
Dave Meserve,
Paul Pitino,
Harmony Groves,
Mark Wheetley

Re: Chronic Homeless con game

At the request of a majority of this council, I am furnishing a more complete discourse of the facts and figures presented by Humboldt County Mental Health Branch as if truth. The statistics presented in Humboldt County’s “Mental Health Services Act Community Services and Supports Three-Year Program and Expenditure Plan,” October 7, 2005 (MHSA CSS Plan) are a gross misrepresentation of the truth. Not being limited in my redress to 3 minutes, I hope to not only prove that a pernicious fabrication has been intentionally inflicted on the poor, but to also bring to light what the underlying purpose of such a lie might be, especially when compared with the suspicious lack of “chronic homeless” numbers in Humboldt State University’s “Arcata Homeless Services Plan.”

The “Chronic Homeless Initiative,” or what you refer to as “continuum of care, or “case management,” was undertaken because the percentages of “chronic” homeless persons are small and therefore seen as an achievable goal. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development and Veteran Affairs all agree that an individual must have a disabling condition to be identified as “chronic” homeless, and that the total number of “chronic” homeless nationwide is about 200,000 persons, or approximately 10% of the homeless. Humboldt County’s MHSA CSS Plan’s estimated number of “chronic” homeless individuals not only exceeds federal “chronic” homeless numbers by 4000%, but actually exceeds the total number of homeless in Humboldt County.

The State of California Alcohol and Drug Program’s “Blueprint for Change” (publication No. (ADP) 03-7072) breaks down the 10% of homeless that are “chronic” into 3 separate classifications. One of the classifications, physical disability, is not an issue of this thesis because genuine illnesses are clearly discernable by empirical observation and less likely to be fraudulent. The other two classifications, “serious mental ‘illness’ (SMI)” and “substance use disorder (SUD)” are topics of the “MHSA CSS Plan’s” fraudulent number padding.

“Blueprint for Change” states that 20% of the chronic are mentally “ill.” If 10% of the homeless are chronic and 20% of the chronic are mentally “ill” then 2% of the homeless are mentally “ill” (10% ÷ 100% = .1, 20% ÷ 100% = .2, .1 x .2 = .02, .02 x 100% = 2%). Likewise, “Blueprint for Change” states that 40% of the 10% chronic, or 4% of all homeless, have SUD. When we combine the two classifications we get a maximum combined SMI/SUD group of 6% of all homeless (2% + 4% = 6%), however, “Blueprint for Change” states that an estimated 50% of homeless adults with mental “illness” had a “co-occurring” substance abuse “disorders.” This means that half the 2% (mentally “ill”) are also counted in the 4% (substance use) group, the combined mentally “ill”/substance use group is 5% of all homeless (4% - .5(2%) = 3%, 2% + 3% = 5%). Thus we see the number of combined SMI/SUD “chronic homeless is one out of every 20 homeless.

Humboldt County’s DHHS Mental Health Branch in their MHSA CSS Plan comes up with extremely divergent results. In fact, not only do their numbers defy logic, but actually defy physics. The county claims on page 35 of their MHSA CSS Plan that “among the estimated 2000 homeless adults, 80% of homeless adults suffer mental health issues; 90% suffer substance abuse.” The maximum combined SMI/SUD homeless in Humboldt County would be 170% of the homeless (80% + 90% = 170%). It is both mathematically impossible and intuitively illogical to have more than 100% of anything!

In the MHSA CSS Plan they make the following statement as justification for the excessive numbers: “Rates generated by the 2004 sampling of 339 homeless persons for AB20234 contacts, estimates 590 homeless suffer from serious mental illness, 200 suffer from substance abuse, and 24 from both.” Using the 24 “co-occurring” to 590 SMI AB2034 estimate as a ratio, the co-occurring” estimate for 2000 homeless would be 65 people (24÷ 590 = C÷ (80%x2000), C=65), or approximately 4% of SMI also have “co-occurring” SUD. The combined SMI/SUD group then becomes 166% ((80%-4%)+70% = 166%) or 66% more than the total existing homeless numbers. Another way of stating it would be if we have a total of 2000 homeless in Humboldt County then we have 1333 more mentally ill and/or substance abusing homeless than actual homeless. If we use the 50% “co-occurring” rate, from “Blueprint for Change,” Humboldt County’s combined SMI/SUD group STILL exceeds 100% of homeless at 130%.

On the Surface it might appear that lucre is the motivation behind these obvious fraudulent numbers, especially in light of the game show type of hysteria displayed by local poverty pimps and grant whores before councils when “free” tax money is at stake, but upon deeper reflection, the history of psychiatrists, psychiatry, disease theory of behavior and pharmaceutical brain chemistry cures tend to paint a picture of genocide, social control, and vivisection, way more often then any type of cure or improvement is ever noticed. Mental health for the homeless will consist of poorly supervised regimen of ant-psychotics that produce aggression, psychosis, violence, suicide, permanent neurological disease, sudden cardiac death, and addiction as “frequent” side-effects, while showing only trivial improvement over placebos in test trials.

Bertrand Russell said, “I think the subject of which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology…although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated” (The Impact of Science on Society). Media, schools, and organizations are obvious sources of propaganda and social control, but don’t neglect to factor in the accumulative effects of food additive chemicals, water flouridization and the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

Though I have investigated this subject most thoroughly, I haven’t assessed when I will be “round up” because of my concern that my government doesn’t have my best interest in mind, or, in psycho-babble, “paranoid delusional of the social reforming type” (USSR Ministry of Health term for political psychiatric prisoners Fainberg and Borisov, 1971). Regardless of whether I get “round up” with the 160% of the homeless, or with the political dissident like many of you, the Mental Health Services Act is paid by big money (people earning over a million dollars) to do the bidding of big money (gentrification). The “system” will not be “sunsetted” when a “final solution” to the homeless “problem” is “found.” No, it will continue until it has devoured everything that stands against it, and then like the “witch hunters” and the “nazi psychiatrists,” it shall even devour itself as it outlives its usefulness.

Love eternal

cc: Humboldt County Board of Supervisors


Anonymous said...'s_law


Beaten by the main posting.

Good Job Tad. Great work, fight the power and all the rot.

Anonymous said...

Sig Heil Arcata City Council!

Anonymous said...

Tad for mayor! He does a job (yes, whatever task's at hand) better than any city council member I've come into contact with for 30 years. When ignorance in Humboldt calls the houseless "lazy", they are conveniently forgetting intelligent, caring, hard-working folks like Tad. Just because a person doesn't (whether out of political choice or not) have a paycheck, doesn't mean they're not doing God's work for their brothers & sisters on the planet... and getting paid in your heart is of utmost importance! Keep up the fine work, Tad!

Anonymous said...

Tad needs to go blow a goat, he does nothing other then lie and cheat for his own self glory. I think him, and the scum like him, should be given nothing but a laugh and a handful of moldy crumbs.

Anonymous said...

Sadly most have to make a choice tween worldly wealth and happiness. Tad has chosen happiness and he perhaps is one of the wealthiest men in humboldt county. Tad, you are courageous to thumb your nose at the corrupt financial system in this country, if only more had that kind of courage.

Anonymous said...

Tad sucks the meanest cock out of the Arcata Homeless crowd. And he'll suck it for only a sixer of bud light!

Anonymous said...

No posts since november 13. Where's Tad? hey, I saw on the Eye's front page that they're looking for a new city manager. What happened to Hauser?

Anonymous said...

Hauser got sick of all the faggots fucking over Arcata.

Fred said...

Yep, it's been almost a month with no new posts. Time to shut down this blog.

Anonymous said...

Same is happening in Orange County CA all rethoric and just a few packeting the money. The meetings they do to discuss expenditures they use a crowd of homeless as audience. To attract them to come to the meetings they gave them lunch and a $20 check for transportation. Because the majority suffer chronic mental illness, one can see they are not able to register what they say...I cannot belief this is so overtly discriminatory and even more interersting, the media is never present. I wonder why???

cyr4su said...

Mental health is the cause of homelessness? or drugs the cause of mental health? Is the homeless going to lose their freedom and get drugs forced on them?.
I don't get it.
But I tell you what I do get. David Hendrickson (age 17) told us that he was going to jail for two pot plants.1973 and violation of probation. (he had earlier been involved in the burning down of the Marin County courthouse.
He had been in jail earlier and had admitted to pretending to be crazy so he could go to Napa State and watch TV and such.
Well one time, they shot him up with Thorazine and he had a paradoxical response. where instead of calming him down, it made him sick and combative. So they just gave him more, even though he is sensitive to it. he could not talk and he wet himself for the next two years.they had him tied up. Now since July 1973 he is still in Napa State. His original sentence was
two years. And as of 2003 they were still giving him Thorazine. Plus about 5 or 6 other drugs.
They say he cannot get out cus he has brain damage. But when I get there before his lunch medicine he is coherent. Tells me he has been their since 1973 and talks fine. talking about the medical mafia.

Anonymous said...

Same is happening in Orange County CA all rethoric and just a few packeting the money. The meetings they do to discuss expenditures they use a crowd of homeless as audience. To attract them to come to the meetings they gave them lunch and a $20 check for transportation.

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