Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Humboldt Mental Health to Start a Round-up

Peace be with you

“ I have had the vans of Einsatzgruppe
(Mobile Death Units) D disguised as
house trailers”

Dr. Becke SS Untersturmfuehrer 16.May.1942

Today Humboldt County went from Ken Kesey’s magic bus to Phillip Crandall’s Black Magic Bus. The devil got wheels in the form of the Phillip Crandall Mobile Drugging Unit. He’s hunting down Children, Elderly, Vets, People of Color, Homeless, anyone deemed a “problem,” and Dissenters. Phillip Crandall falsely claims 80% of the homeless are wing-nuts and 30,000 of YOU Humboldt residents are fucking nuts too. And YOU all need the PILL!

The Humboldt County Mental Health Department put on the Board of Supervisor’s Agenda the following:

“Transfer Funds to Fixed Asset Account and Approve the Budget Appropriation Transfer for Mental Health Branch Budget Unit 1179-477, Mental Health Services Act”

“What the fuck is that!” you might ask? Unit 1179-477 just happens to be a “$205,007.84 . . . recreational vehicle . . . for the provision of mental health services.” The agenda item was concealment.

You had better wake up! 30,000 of you mean one out of every fourth person is to be doped! Look around and ask yourself "are one out of four of the people you see during the day crazy enough to take drugs that were only meant to be used in the most severe cases?" Look around and ask yourself “do they really need drugs that make them become a “danger” if they fail to take them, for what ever reason?" Ask yourself “do they deserve a life sentence of diabetes, heart disease, impotency, psychosis, and suicidility?” And, ask yourself “who’s next?”

love eternal


noel said...

Things to do today;

1. Buy stock in Pfizer.

2. Exchange remaining dollars for Euros.

3. Buy clothing from the 1950s to fit acceptable profile.

4. Get Republican bumper stickers.

5. Get passport.

An interesting article from Seattle concerns housing homeless people. Very strange notion... They say it cuts medical costs way down, halves the number of arrests and saves the city millions... Seattle saved $3.2 million by housing most difficult homeless

Anonymous said...

how do you put a hyperlink in a comment like you did?

Heartson transient said...

from the Nagy article in previous post:

"Gravely Disabled means a person is unable to care for themselves, obtain food, clothing and shelter."

"72 Hour Hold or “5150”: When a person, as a result of a mental disorder, is a danger to him/herself or others or is gravely disabled, a peace officer, a member of the attending staff or another professional person designated by the county may with probable cause take a person into custody and place them in a facility for a 72-hour treatment evaluation."

If you are homeless, then you are "unable to obtain shelter," thus "Gravely Disabled," and can be "taken into custody" by a cop whenever s/he has "probable cause" to suspect you of being unable to obtain food, clothing, or shelter.

And, of course, if you "refuse treatment," then you are "5250" which means they can punish you by confinement for, well, however long they want. And, of course, you will be recieving "treatment" the whole time.

By the way, if you think that they are out to get you, then you are "paranoid," which is grounds for them to be out to get you.

the plazoid said...

Peace be with you Anonymous.

I just learned that myself. You "copy" the "http://blah blah blah" from the web page up want to link. Then you "highlight" the word or words you want to be the link. click on the "hyperlink button" and the rest is self explanatory.

love eternal