Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peace be with you

I believe our intuition is always correct – always! – But, I also believe our interpretation of that intuition is often flawed. I mean flawed as in “flawed logic.” We put so much energy postulating the virtues of logic we completely forget, if it exists, a most powerful way of understanding.

This understanding is called many things – gut feeling, spider senses, intuition, Wisdom. Wisdom is different from smart. It perceives things that logic can’t prove. It is when you hear all the facts and you listen to the logical conclusion, but you know deep down that something isn’t right. Usually a little digging in the facts and your feelings are justified.

I think logic is a wonderful thing to learn. In fact I think all Wise people would see the Wisdom in studying logic. The logical however, never see the logic in studying Wisdom. Their problem is that Wisdom is like gravity it comes from some unknown, and that strikes fearfully close to past demons from some traumatic religious dogma.

I believe in evolution, that people are truly born of this Earth. I hold true that I do suckle at the tit of my Mother Earth. I also hold true I have my Wisdom, my Courage, and my Love because of my Heavenly Father; who took me as a child of my Mother and taught me the ways of my Father.

It is only me who can remove the distractions, the lusts and the fears, which blind me from simple truths. It is only me who can follow the truths I see. And it is only my relationship with the Father and Mother I can have. We will eventually evolve into a people more like perfection. Compassion, Generosity, Loving Kindness are the gift to the Human Animal; or shall I say higher evolved Peoples.

love eternal