Monday, February 18, 2008

Humboldt County Supervisor uses preemptive censorship.

Peace be with you

At Tuesday's Humboldt County Board of Supervisor's meeting Phillip Crandall once again succeeded in getting the Humboldt County Board of Supes to approve an agreement based on fraudulent information. Humboldt County department of Mental Health signed an agreement worth $4,038,544 based on grossly overestimated numbers of mentally ill. So outrageous are his guestimates that he's looking to hook 30,000 Humboldt county residents on deadly anti-psychotics through his CalMAP experimental mental health county.

My real issue is whether this "agreement," which "contains the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all negotiations, verbal or otherwise and any other agreement between the parties," and is based on Humboldt County's Mental Health Services Act Three-year Program and Expenditure Plan, is related to the above-mentioned plan and the unanimously Supe approved policy behind the plan.

Jill Geist the new neo-liberal chair of the Humboldt County board of Supes believes she has the authority to censor my public comment. Jill is a big supporter of our experimental mental health grants. Jill has tried before to censor me and she has even gone as far as to have Crandall rehearse a little speech during public comment. The next week a young lady showed up at the board of supes pissed off that Geists placed Crandall's speech on the agenda with out public notice.

Geist, and all the supes for that matter, are putting their political asses on the line to protect the highest paid employee of the County, HHS DIRECTOR, Phillip Crandall, and his rope 'em and dope 'em policies. Crandall who controls the counties Health and Human Services Department (spends half of all the money from our budget), is the department head that is responsible for both the fraudulent lies in the plan and brokers agreements to spend a quarter of our counties budget on a "mental health policy" that rivals Heinrich Himmler. Crandall's policy is uncannily similar to Himmler's "struggle for the extermination of any sub-humans," complete with $250,000 a year psychiatrists.

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